Cherry Hills Market Place

Greenwood Village, CO

Two new ground-up buildings were constructed on this site of an existing shopping center to increase leasable space and attract large national retailers. Maintaining safe and unencumbered vehicle and pedestrian through the site was an important client objective during construction while incorporating prototype specs from national retailers.

"BOOTS Construction is one of a few Contractor Partners we use across the US. This relationship allows us to negotiate our work directly with our Partner enabling us to speed the project to market while getting the best combination of quality and value possible. With BOOTS Construction I know I'm getting a quality team dedicated to the success of my project and the peace of mind knowing that the guy whose name is on the door is overseeing the entire process. As a national restaurant developer this relationship allows me to keep our resources lean and focus attention on other areas of the country. I know with BOOTS Construction on the project I'll be pleased with the end result; it's hard to put a price on that."

Perry Brush
VP Design, Development & Facilities
Pei Wei Asian Diner