Brilliant Earth

Denver, CO

Brilliant Earth, a retailer of ethically-sourced fine jewelry, worked with BOOTS to build-out newly leased retail space in Denver’s high-end shopping district, Cherry Creek North. This exclusive, by-appointment- only space is designed to showcase the brilliance of the gemstone products in an intimate, client-focused setting. The BOOTS team worked closely with store designers and the client to optimize integrated casework and lighting. The design blends rich woods, ceramic tile, and clean lines to set a sophisticated tone.

“Hands down, BOOTS is the best GC with whom we have worked. 

This space turned out beautifully! We so appreciate your professionalism, attention to detail and dedication to delivering a high-quality product. Working with BOOTS was a true pleasure. You let us ask you questions and get your help even when you were super busy!

Kathryn Money
Vice President Strategy & Merchandising 
Brilliant Earth