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Our Commitment

We are grateful to earn your repeat business through superior execution of the construction process on every project we perform. BOOTS combines a commitment to absolute transparency with a friendly, problem-solving attitude to meet challenges head on. We find that putting client interests at the center of all decision making establishes a foundation for project success and long-term relationships.

We recognize the substantial role subcontractors play in our success and we are critically diligent in selecting trade partners to work on our projects. Prior to award, BOOTS reviews quality expectations with each selected subcontractor while taking a careful, collaborative look at the design documentation. These internal constructability reviews often lead to opportunities to pre-coordinate construction sequences and trade overlaps, identify issues that are not fully resolved by the design documents, and eliminate ambiguities.

Using a cloud-based construction management software, we lead client and design team collaborations both in the office and on the job site. We provide up-to-the-minute job status updates and access to project data from any device with an internet connection, streamlining resource management and decision making. While we operate from a fully integrated technology platform, years of experience have taught us that sometimes there is no substitute for direct face-to-face communication to address issues and put solutions at the forefront of decision making. Owner, Architect, Contractor (OAC) meetings are used to brief that team on progress, near- and long-term priorities, as well as outstanding issues and potential complications on the horizon.

These characteristics combined with a history of success on more than two thousand commercial construction projects have earned BOOTS a reputation for premium quality and exceptional customer service, our commitment to you.

“BOOTS Construction Company was an integral part of 1290 Broadway’s achieving LEED GOLD status. We were presented with a challenge that, if we could do it, would provide us with four points towards our goal of obtaining a LEED Gold designation. We were told these points were all but impossible to get. We turned to BOOTS to help us design and implement a construction project that would generate less than 5% waste going to a land fill. BOOTS delivered us a project on time and on budget with ZERO waste going to a landfill. Many thanks.”

Greg Monks
Chief Operating Engineer SMA, LEED AP
CB Richard Ellis