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Quality Control

The quality of the finished project is the most important aspect of the service BOOTS provides and we will never accept a compromise on quality. During preconstruction we match client’s expectations with carefully selected subcontractors in each division to bid based on their capability to meet those expectations. We conduct constructability reviews with each selected subcontractor to explore opportunities to pre-coordinate construction sequences and trade overlaps; identify issues that are not fully resolved by the design documents; and eliminate ambiguities.

During construction, expectations for quality are continually reinforced through the Superintendent’s onsite presence and Daily Job Reports. The Superintendent makes sure that all subcontractors understand intended work flows and intra-trade coordination plans. A BOOTS superintendent is characterized by an ability to assess project complications and present issues with solutions that take into account cost, schedule, and quality impacts. The ability to react intuitively, conduct a situational analysis, present solid solutions, and take action is a hallmark of the BOOTS process.

“Your enthusiasm and commitment to quality was well demonstrated in this multi-phase, complex project with an aggressive schedule. The skills, professionalism and responsiveness of the Boots team were truly impressive and were an important part of the success of the entire project. They understood the unique confidentiality requirements of the law firm environment and made every effort to help us secure client files and minimize disruption.”

Barbara Mica
Chief Operating Officer
Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP