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Project Analysis

There is nothing more important to success than a detailed understanding of each project’s potential opportunities and complexities. We perform a job walk prior to budgeting or bidding every project to investigate building systems and operations protocols, BOOTS analyzes the probabilities of code-driven scope changes; coordinating required shut-downs or tie-ins; and connecting specialized tenant equipment. Understanding foreseeable challenges and developing solutions before construction begins is an important part of our approach.

The results of our thorough analysis begins with projecting impacts to the project’s budget and schedule. Also, if applicable, we consider ancillary impacts related to working within an occupied building. Potential noise, dust, debris, and ventilation issues related to construction are investigated to ensure that mitigation efforts are comprehensive, cost effective, and don’t delay progress. Prior to the start of construction, we develop a specific sequence of construction activities and review our approach with the tenant’s representative and building management team. By adding their insights to our own, we are able to further minimize disruptions to other building occupants.

In all of our work absolute transparency is a distinguishing characteristic of the services we provide. Following our analysis, we will relay our findings and forecast the impacts to cost, schedule, and constructability in an open, honest discussion with owners, tenant representatives and designers that will set the stage for collaborative success.

BOOTS Construction is one of the most proactive and collaborative General Contractors in Denver. When working with them, design and construction become one seamless process. We always look forward to teaming with them.”

Rick Burkett, AIA, LEED AP
Burkett Design