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Cost Estimating

Accuracy in cost estimating is a hallmark of the BOOTS process. We provide budgets, fee proposals, negotiated or lump sum pricing at every stage of the design process.

Conceptual: We have a data base honed from completing over two thousand projects that we use for lineal and square foot pricing for every CSI Division. We provide our clients “order of magnitude” estimates that can be used to make business and financial decisions for each project.

Space Planning: As the project scope of work gets further defined our on-screen computerized take-off program provides unmatched accuracy coupled with subcontractor pricing confirmations. Our clients can count on us that the pricing will not go up as long as the scope does not increase.

Design Development: By walking every project we are able to not only price the design documentation but help the project team catch problems and recommend solutions before the CD’s are completed.

Construction Documents: By this point engineered plans and specifications have been selected and we drill down on the best pricing by selecting the right subcontractors for each project. We evaluate our subcontractors based on past experience, project size, schedule demands and quality expectations while utilizing our own proprietary method of evaluation.

BOOTS also sees great benefit in working with clients and designers to consider value enhancing alternatives. Without compromising quality or functionality, value enhancements target reducing costs associated with material choices, long-term operations, or construction means and methods, including temporary conditions required to build the work. All of these practices have earned BOOTS a reputation for developing budget cost estimates from preliminary space plans that are historically accurate within 1-2% of actual costs based on complete construction documents.

“I felt that BOOTS went the extra mile in terms of attempting to bring the ideas and concepts raised by our Architect, and member of our office, to be in line with budget constraints. It is also significant to note that in the course of obtaining reasonable pricing, in no way did BOOTS compromise quality in terms of labor, materials or otherwise."

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