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Schedule Control

At BOOTS, scheduling is a fluid process the stretches from our earliest involvement until final completion. In preconstruction, we evaluate the scope and the client’s schedule expectations in light of anticipated complexities like long lead items. If we have concerns, we express them up front rather than agreeing to a schedule that can’t be achieved.

Our schedules tend to be conservatively tight – aggressive within realistic capacity but achievable. We develop a Critical Path Method schedule that can also be broken down into smaller segments to track specific project components, completion milestones, and inspection points.

During construction, responsibility for driving the schedule falls to Superintendents who continually monitor progress, overall quality, and site safety. The schedule is broken down into detailed trade look-aheads to ensure subcontractor work activities, overlaps, and material and equipment deliveries are all coordinated and clearly communicated. This continual assessment of progress ensures the project remains on schedule while allowing for additional resources, if needed.

The schedule also serves as a communication tool keeping the tenant representatives, building owners, and project stakeholders appraised of progress and upcoming activities. This helps minimize construction impacts on other occupants while increasing safety protocols surrounding the construction.

Project closeout is often the most important in terms of the client’s final memory of the overall experience. BOOTS believes that staying onsite as long as necessary and finishing the punch list as quickly as possible is critical to client satisfaction, repeat business, and a positive reference.

“From inception to completion, BOOTS Construction masterfully planned, managed, and brought to the fruition the renovation of over 108,000 sf in our office. Establishing a detailed and straightforward construction schedule, and professionally reconciling and communicating it with our business leaders’ schedules, BOOTS led the charge in our pursuit to remodel and improve our office space. Adherence to these schedules, including the ordering and delivering of materials, and impressive supervision of construction crews enabled BOOTS to successfully complete our massive renovation project. Such professionalism and experience elevate BOOTS above other construction companies.”

Enrique Trujillo
Facilities Manager
Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck