Colorado Christian Academy

76,436 sf
Englewood, CO

Colorado Christian Academy’s impressive new school in Englewood, CO encompasses classrooms ranging from pre-K through elementary levels, a cafeteria, a large auditorium, art and science rooms, a chapel, as well as an indoor slide to take you from the second floor to the first floor.  BOOTS also removed a parking lot to make room for and build the school’s new playground and field. This upgraded school will provide an optimal learning environment for both current and future generations of students.

“The entire BOOTS team on the Colorado Christian Academy project has been simply amazing. Not only did they have a tight timeline to get a large, high-finish project done, they worked constantly with optimism and exceptional work ethic. When things went wrong, your team found solutions quickly or presented thoughtful options to us. I appreciate them all so much and this project and TCO for 160 students, 75 families, and 22 staff members that was achieved, certainly would not have been possible without the miracle they pulled off.”

Natasha Harris
Biegert Group